Our Story... We fell in love with the culture of wine during our extensive travels to various wine regions around the world. Upon returning to Arizona we fortunately stumbled across an issue of Arizona Vines and Wines magazine, now AZ Wine Lifestyle magazine. We were surprised to learn about the growing and thriving wine industry in our own state. Motivated by our love of wine and excited to be a part of it, our family purchased land on the Willcox Bench with the dream of having our own vineyard. We are a small family business that seeks to pursue our love of wines and share it with you. Arizona Wine History THEN: Viticulture in Arizona has a history that begins in the 16th century when missionary Spanish Jesuit priests began to plant grapevines and make wine for use in Christian religious ceremonies. Most vineyards in Arizona are located in the southeastern portion of the state near Tucson, which is also the location of Arizona’s first designated American Viticultural Area, the Sonoita AVA. Arizona has enjoyed recent success with wine made from the grape varietals native to Italy and the Rhône River valley of southern France. NOW: The modern state of Arizona wine started in 1973 in the southern end of the state. The Arizona Wine Growers Association was incorporated in 1983 to support and assist the wine growers. Arizona now has 91 licensed wineries in three growing regions – the Verde Valley in the north, Sonoita and Elgin in the south and the greater Willcox region in the southeast. The number of wineries has grown significantly from 12 in 2006. Arizona’s high desert produces a climate similar to Mendoza, Argentina – hot daytime temperatures cooling off at night, the perfect recipe for a happy grape. Most of Arizona’s vineyards can be found between 4,200 and 5,200 feet. There are approximately 700 acres planted with vines. Grapes are a low-water crop, perfect for Arizona’s desert environment. These crops yield a high-value product, which in turn means important tax dollars and strong tourism destinations.

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